Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 Resolution How to have faith in God

Faith is the substance of things hoped for… but hope alone is not enough…hope is temporary…for when the things you where hoping for comes to pass and it’s seen…hope is no longer needed.

Unless you come into the awareness of how to walk by faith, first... all you can ever do is hope. Faith sees the invisible it’s the “spiritual sight” that gives you natural faith.

Once you see a promise in the word that God has spoken… faith comes by hearing that word, then you must deliberately make a decision to trust God’s word no matter what it looks like in the natural.

God is invisible… by seeing God the invisible One, you see faith.
He causes the invisible become visible. God is not natural He is supernatural.

Once you have faith in your heart… that’s all the evidence you need… to be assured that it shall come to pass.

God is Spirit…we are spirit…. we have a soul… we live in a temporary body. All mankind has been created in the image of God and are more powerful than our mortal minds could ever comprehend.

Only when you truly allow your self to be led by the Spirit of God instead of your natural reasonings can you walk by faith.

The mind wants to be the controlling center for your life... by depending on logic. The mind naturally does not want you to depend on God...but God is not natural He is supernatural and wants us to walk in the same spirit realm.

It's up to you to seek God for your self through the reading of His word (Bible) and make a decision to allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth.

God is not intellectual like man or logical He does not make sense. Many times we look to do good things and that's good, but with out faith it's impossible to please God.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hotel Chain Offers Massages for Dogs

In a world where Wall Street is hitting all time highs...the rich is getting richer as the working class continues to pay more… and get poorer. We see even the dogs of the wealthy also known as the "privilege pups" get massages to “release their stress” that the majority of humans can not afford. I wonder is God please?

Owners are spending billions of dollars a year overall… and hundreds at a time for “doggy massages” gourmet dog biscuits, with nail manicures and pedicures then afterward given designer water… served on silver platters while staying in 5 star Hotels.

As Americans continue to increase spending on their pets more every year…averaging about $2.3 Billion a year, this is a trend that does not seem to have an end in sight. Personally I think it's a "Dog Gone shame".

A look on the bright side… this could be a good "niche" to create a product to “pitch the rich” who will no doubt continue to "worship the creature more than the Creator" and splurge on their “privileged pets” at 5 star hotels like the Ritz Carlton.

While at the same time we see the darkness the Prophet Isaiah prophesied about in Isaiah 60:2 “ Darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the people” it’s something the “American Churches” especially may need to open their eyes to.

Even though some Pastors are very wealthy, yet... many of the tithe paying members of churches barley make it from pay check to pay check… and that’s only if they are fortunate enough to have a job.

It’s pretty obvious there is no shortage or lack in the world for the world… and if there was ever a time for “a transfer of wealth” to come out of darkness into the light certainly it would be now.

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